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We have already discussed what is ENVY under the Laws of God and The Creation previously set forth in this JOURNAL. It does bear repeating, though, for thorough understanding of that which makes it one of the "Deadly" sins of hu-man. Remember envy is a feeling of resentment or discontent over another's superior attainments, endowments or possessions.

When one feels envious he actually feels INFERIOR because he has judged that the actions or attainments of another are, first of all, desirous for self, and secondly, BEYOND the ability of self to attain or manifest. Dear ones, you can spend your entire lives (and have) searching outside yourself for what is "BETTER" than the lot you have created, but searching outside yourself for self-worth which exists within will only confine you to feelings of critical frustration for the lack of accessing your own spiritual creative potential. YOU MUST KNOW that ALL you "have" and "are" within your experience is what YOU have chosen to have and be. Why need you feel envy, instead of honor and reverence for another of what is your "perception" of outstanding achievement? Why not instead define what is "outstanding" achievement for self, by the degree of JOY and SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM it offers you? How will you do this? Take back your GOD-given power by taking personal responsibility for ALL experiences within your manifested "illusion". Ask THE FATHER GOD/ATON within you TO SHOW you that which YOU need to FULFILL HIS will in HONOR, BALANCE, HARMONY, JOY, INTEGRITY, and TRUTH. Then WAIT UPON GOD/ATON WITHIN to show you what are your unique contributions to the joyous, creative unfoldment of THE ONE ALL THAT IS!


Let us begin by first defining what is SLOTH: "Indolence; (which means: Adverse to exertion; lazy) idleness; laziness; disinclination to work or exert oneself."

What we have witnessed most upon your plane is the sloth of your God-given reasoning MINDS. This MIND-SLOTH is what has made you (an) easy target for lies and disinformation. The reason is that you have fallen into the habit of letting others THINK and REASON FOR YOU, and by this mind-laziness have found it easier to BELIEVE another's projection or opinion of what is Truth rather than properly researching, by engaging your OWN logical reasoning mind with THE FATHER WITHIN, to achieve KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM of what is TRUTH. You see, in this way do you also shirk YOUR personal responsibility by not recognizing your responsibility to SEEK AND KNOW THE TRUTH WITHIN. You ones then further your "sin" by complaining and criticizing bitterly and thus casting BLAME outside yourself when the "lie" or "deception" is later discovered by you.

You ones still believe IGNORANCE IS BLISS? GODLY KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM ACCOMPLISHED AND EARNED WITHIN IS TRUE BLISS, PRECIOUS ONES! Ignorance of Truth is an illusion that keeps you trapped within the living of a lie. You are NOT free and the truly sad thing is YOU DO NOT KNOW you are duped and trapped so then the chains can be brought about thee ever so tightly, and by the time recognition of Truth literally "slaps" your awareness awake, it is often most traumatic and too late for you to extricate yourself until finally the death of the body releases your self-allowed anguish and horror.


There is also what is physical sloth or laziness. This simply is often counterpart to Mind-sloth. If you cannot move your mind into awareness most likely your body will not be motivated either. It is simply inability to LIVE or take in LIFE. It is also unwillingness to take responsibility by taking action for making changes which would "better" your lot in life. Ones who are slothful would rather sit in quiet (or not so quiet) self-pity and blame ALL "out there" and therefore not take self-responsibility for his "perceived" lack.


We have also spoken of the "deadly" sin of feeling unnatural and excessive fear in the previous pages under, " How to Recognize the Anti-Christ Within". [Part 4] We discussed that the Anti-Christ traps you in the illusion of what is FUTURE-FEAR ORIENTATION.

Let us define FEAR: "1. An agitated feeling aroused by awareness of danger, trouble, etc. 2. An uneasy feeling that something may happen contrary to one's desires. 3. A feeling of deep awe and dread." And for fun, let us define what is AWE: "Reverential fear; dread mingles with veneration (respect or deference) and now we will define DEFERENCE which is yielding to the will or opinions of another OR respectful regard."

By keeping you locked in constant agitation or uneasiness about what could happen - you are robbed of the present moment of life which is the NOW of eternity. Generally speaking, one who is fearful of future possibilities/probabilities occupies much "time" in WORRY about possible consequences of a decision or an action and will also often procrastinate (delay) making the final choice. Let us define WORRY: "1. To be uneasy in the mind; fret. 2. To pull or tear at something with the teeth. 3. To cause to feel uneasy in the mind; trouble. 4. To bother or pester 5. Worries - something that causes anxiety." So many of you have expressed or heard the phrase, "I was worried sick!" It is true that fear and its handmaiden "worry" can and will literally make you physically ill. Simply by imaging in your mind a picture, idea or "horrid" consequence, you actually manifest the "realness" of that which you fear upon yourself. Whether the ACTUAL physical manifested outcome occurs according to your worst fears, or not, YOU have suffered in your moments of fear and worry as though it HAD occurred. Do you see? You are creating the worst even if it be only in your "mind" through the emotional REACTION of fear.

Often the question is asked in earnest, "Well, if we are told, for example, that the probabilities are high that we could soon experience a devastating earthquake in San Francisco and/or Los Angeles, are we not "feeding" the negative probability by believing it and thus ensuring that it will occur?" We will answer in two-fold manner. First, you must recognize the facts of truth of your "present" circumstances ... that the planet, Mother Earth, is a being who has been poisoned by you, her guardians. She will need to cleanse herself, so this means massive earth changes will occur as a part of the process of bringing to the surface the poisons of nuclear detonations, pesticides etc. which have been festering within her. Also, you have the "mighty" powers of Russian cosmospheres which unnaturally control the weather patterns, and which are able to detonate bombs already in place along your "fault" lines. So you have the agenda of your beloved planet who wishes only to be cleansed, and the agenda of the Dark brotherhood working through the "ELITE" few to control your planet and that means to ultimately destroy much of the population in order to manage THEIR domination more easily. Is information about lies, deception, and cover-ups perpetrated against you by these ones of THE ELITE, which is coming forth through the Journals, "negative" and therefore not worth your time to consider because you fear "feeding" the perhaps undesirable (to you) outcome of perceived "negative" probabilities? THIS MATERIAL IS INFORMATION GIVEN IN TRUTH, BE IT PERCEIVED "NEGATIVE" OR "POSITIVE" IN MANIFESTED REALITY. UNFORTUNATELY MOST INFORMATION PRESENTED SO FAR IS A RESULT OF GOD'S PROMISE TO EXPOSE THE "SATANS" OR "ADVERSARIES" WHO HAVE MANAGED BY FORCE AND ALLOWANCE TO HOLD YOU HOSTAGE IN "ILLUSION" OF SEPARATION AGAINST YOUR CREATOR WITHIN YOU BY DECEPTION OF TRUTH OF YOUR POWER OF ONENESS. WHEN IT BECOMES "NEGATIVE" UPON SELF IS WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER IGNORANT OF TRUTH AND YOU STILL DO NOTHING TO CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES BECAUSE YOU WOULD INSTEAD RATHER HIDE BEHIND YOUR FEAR AND SELF-PERCEIVED HELPLESSNESS!

Is it wrong to make "plans" for your in your now? Not if it corresponds to the "positive" creative unfoldment of and self-expansion of your knowledge and wisdom of Truth in your NOW. You see, YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW AND SERVE GOD will itself propel you ever forward in knowledge and wisdom of Truth. AND so too, (your desire) will demand the discipline of self to remain focused on your goal. Let us define discipline, "1. Training of the mental, moral and physical powers by instruction, control and exercise. 2. The state or condition resulting from such training. 3. Punishment or corrective action for the sake of training. 4. A branch of knowledge." We would further add herein that there need not ever be PUNISHMENT of self or another to achieve discipline. Simple integrity of focused attention in gaining wisdom of Truth and recognizing and understanding consequences of thoughts and actions given in "error" are what are necessary to take corrective measures of action for successful training IN GODLY TRUTH to take place.

This scribe has recently heard it said, "In order to be a `winner', (given in reference to a "karate" competition) you must develop the three D's ... DESIRE ... DEVOTION ... and DISCIPLINE." Well, we will ask you each to apply the beautiful simplicity of this statement to yourselves in your goal to overcome the false "illusions" of the Anti-Christ and become the "winners" of attaining your UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL FREEDOM by recognizing and reconnecting with THE FATHER/MOTHER CREATOR/CREATION WITHIN YOU. Remember, we discussed earlier how the "Anti-Christ" rules you by your desires - meaning for "things" or "attachments" of physical illusion. If your ONLY true desire is TO KNOW AND SERVE GOD/ATON, then where does that leave the Anti-Christ? Out the "door" of YOUR space on his behind!

Remember this too, precious ones, when you truly ASK the Father/Mother God/Aton within you FOR Truth, YOU RECEIVE TRUTH. This does not mean you will necessarily like or enjoy what you find, but as long as you remain devoted to the discipline of emotional detachment, such as from feeling paralyzing fear, you will become EMPOWERED by THE WISDOM of the GOD/GODDESS within you. Does this mean you will never feel fear again? Not necessarily, but you will by your desire, devotion and discipline learn to overcome your fear and take the necessary actions to bring about GODLY changes, whether it be within self or in "situations" or experiences put before you.

Here is another aspect of understanding fear which you must also recognize. You ones also can experience fear or alarm as a "warning" mechanism of clear or unclear present danger to you. Fear became the manifestation of your desire for "survival" on the physical plane. It was created by you because of the limitation brought about by your "veil" of forgetfulness about your soul immortality. And it was thus encouraged by the "deceivers" or "satans" in order to terrorize, control and enslave you through your fear of death of the body. Actually, even those of you who now KNOW your soul is immortal will still feel fear if you or your family is threatened in some way. You must overcome the fear by acknowledging the "warning" and seeking protection, counsel and guidance with THE FATHER WITHIN, so that you will be given instructions about how to best respond to the situation, whether it be defence of self and family or something other. Many ones simply fear physical pain and suffering more than death itself. So you must overcome the initial "fear" warning, and gain the counsel within to ACT in order to protect yourself or others. It is only when YOU are overcome and paralyzed by your fear that you will not listen to YOUR inner guidance and thus lose your power to change the outcome of the situation.

So in summation, when we say "you must conquer your fear", we are speaking of future fear/worry orientation and that fear which paralyzes you into INACTION or feelings of HELPLESSNESS. Remember YOU are NEVER HELPLESS WITH GOD! You must learn to TRUST; you will ALWAYS be given whatever you need in ALL circumstances put before you. WHEN YOU SINCERELY ASK THE FATHER/MOTHER WITHIN, IT IS DONE!!


Now, we will also discuss in further detail that which is guilt. Earlier, we talked about how the Anti-Christ traps you in PAST-GUILT ORIENTATION as a way in which to rob you of the NOW or present Moment of LIFE. We will first define guilt: "1. The fact or condition of having committed a legal or moral offence. 2. A feeling of remorse arising from a real or imagined commission of an offence. 3. Guilty conduct. GUILTY defined as, "1. Deserving of blame for some offence. 2. Convicted of some offence 3. Involving, pertaining to, or showing guilt."

The first thing you must realize is that to FEEL guilt about some past thought, word or deed does not always necessarily mean you are GUILTY of a "wrong" against YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN. The "wrong" to the Spirit Within occurs when you assume unworthiness or blame upon self and thus punish self by self-condemning thoughts and actions. You must always ask yourselves: do you feel "guilt" because someone else has offered it or imposed it upon you and you have accepted or allowed them to blame you for some action or occurrence which you KNOW you are really not "guilty" of? Let us give you an example of a response of "false" guilt which many of you ones will relate with in experience within your "modern" western civilization.

Let us say you are a girl child of eleven-years-old. Up to this age you have enjoyed relative childhood security, love and dependence with your Mother and Father. Then, suddenly, you are told by your parents that THEY no longer love one another and cannot live together and will become DIVORCED. Please understand this carefully, precious ones; IN MOST ALL CASES of separation of parents, the child or children BLAME THEMSELVES. You see, the child often believes that, "If mommy and daddy can stop loving each other, they can stop loving me, too." We would suggest to you ones that if a couple says they STOPPED loving one another, they most likely NEVER truly loved. Do you see how confusing this sort of drastic change and separation is to a child? Now in our hypothetical case, let us continue with the story in which similar circumstances have occurred with many. The Mother retains "custody" of the little girl. The father leaves town, he says, for other work challenges and opportunities. The child seldom sees him anymore; he is always so busy. The child's Mother must go to work, let us say for the first time since she became married to the child's Father.

Do you begin to see what this looks and feels like to the little girl? She feels she has been rejected, she begins to feel unloved and unworthy because she blames herself for her parent's divorce by perhaps not being a "good" enough little girl. Her mother works and comes home irritable, resentful and angry at the little girl's father, which only adds to the little girl's soul-anguish and feelings of unworthiness. The two people she loved, trusted and even idolized the most no longer exist for her. She is alone. Do you ones realize that ALL most of you truly want is to be sincerely always LOVED exactly the way you are without conditions?

So the little girl begins to punish herself. She begins to seek LOVE and acceptance outside herself which she feels she no longer has at home. Throughout her teen years she walks the path of victim by self-destructive actions and by continuous rejection by others. You see, like so many of you even now in adult state, she only wants to BE LOVED, but because she feels UNWORTHY of the true LOVE she pines for, she continues to sabotage herself by choosing relationships which dishonor her as she dishonors herself. She may become angry toward "male" humans, because she is angry with her Father "for leaving her". She may not only punish self but also seek to punish all "men" who represent her Father. Eventually her heart is so hardened she feels nothing, no joy, no love, no caring. It is her against the world and she feels alone and bitter.

Now God, our Father, is most distressed when one of HIS becomes lost in "negative" response to his/her manifested experience. HE in His mercy will send help to the child or young woman to help her recognize that there are those WHO do love and care for her. He will send her "signs" of HIS LOVE so that she may forgive and heal the dis-ease within self. Will she recognize THE LOVE OF OUR FATHER presented to her? It is her choice, for God will never force any. He will, though, wisely choose the one/ones who will manifest HIS LOVE FOR HER, which He deems will be most acceptable to her. It will then depend upon her soul integrity how well she will recognize, forgive and overcome her self-imposed "guilt".

Many of you ones who NOW serve faithfully within HIS service, have manifested for yourselves very difficult circumstances in your growing years in which you had to ultimately understand, forgive and overcome in order to serve HIS WILL as willingly as you do now. WHY? Mostly you ones have simply asked for difficult "testing" in order to gain the compassion and understanding of how and why your brethren have been so crippled, deceived and so lost for so long, so that you can "relate" with the circumstances of the deceived and thereby be the most effective in helping them see "THE LIGHT" of GODLY TRUTH WITHIN THEM! Be most grateful for the lessons offered, learned and overcome, chelas; you are spiritually MUCH stronger because of them.

Now we will discuss Past-Guilt Orientation a bit more. If you feel guilty for some past deed, you must determine WHY the guilt is felt. If you recognize an error against another, then by understanding and learning the lesson and then self-forgiveness, you will have released GUILT. Many of you instead wallow around in the "horrible" situation and wish only to feel sorry for yourselves so that you think you are not responsible for the "error". Recognize your responsibility, learn the lesson, forgive and RELEASE it. IT is done and you further the transgression against your SPIRIT by "reliving" the "dastardly" deed in your mind and not LIVING your moment NOW in fullness. This is PUNISHMENT of self and is not of GOD, but of the ANTI-Christ. Do you see? You walk around saying, "I SHOULD have" ... well, you DIDN'T and it is over. The next time a similar situation presents itself, and it will, you will know how best to respond with GODLY integrity, right?


Remember Hypocrisy is "The pretence (pretending to) of having feelings or characteristics one does NOT possess such as virtue or piety." We discussed under THE LAWS, number 17, that one of the biggest "signs" carried by ones possessed of "evil" is their Hypocrisy.

We will first discuss the Hypocrites of your "religious" Institutions who will carefully cultivate the "appearance" of Godly piety and high virtuous standards. And they will speak with "conviction" about the virtues of what they, in all their magnanimous goodliness or godliness, possess in order to LEAD you into the Righteousness of God's Kingdom, where they themselves "reside". So, while you deceived ones are crying tears of joy for being "allowed" the opportunity to be in the presence of one so great, you gladly fill the "hat" of this false one with all the "gold" you can spare, just so, perhaps, you too may be found "worthy" and allowed entrance into God's Kingdom. But the hypocrite has you now. He will pass the "hat" again and again until you have no more to give ... then he will abandon you and call you "unworthy", and mostly many of you ones have believed yourselves unworthy and thus deserving of poverty. All the while he is seducing you and making you his "slave", the hypocrite sits "mockingly" and smugly in his "false" splendor of hatred and manipulation, drooling lasciviously and covetously over the hoards of "wealth" he has STOLEN from you, the blind and ignorant sheeple.

After the "religious" Hypocrite has TOLD you what you must NOT do and what you MUST do to reach GOD'S Kingdom, and he knows you believe him, he knows you now BELONG to him and he will make you pay dearly. All along while the hypocrite is leading you into his slaughter house of deception, he will quite systematically, behind the doors of "secrecy", himself break EVERY rule of Godly behavior which he has instructed you to follow. The Hypocrite's motivation? POWER and CONTROL over others at ANY COST. He always believes himself superior in all things, particularly "intelligence", when he is able to DUPE and DECEIVE others and also garner their GOLD for his OWN selfish interests. This one is under the spell of evil as is called false pride or also cancerous narcissism which we discussed earlier under PRIDE.

You, precious blind ones, now have allowed infiltration within most of your WORLD government systems and the "agencies" set up therein, of the evil narcissist HYPOCRITES at the lead or head, positioning themselves for the destruction of all goodness and freedom and ultimately YOUR enslavement to THEIR self-will of control. They are the ones, now without conscience, who will TELL you all you WISH to hear and THEN DO THAT WHICH THEY PLEASE to control you and render you "powerless" against THEM. The "bastard" seed of evil is now so insidious, it has infiltrated and possessed nearly ALL who would call themselves your "leaders", and most of you ones know it not. That is how the narcissistic Hypocrite "satan" or "adversary" against GOD has come to now rule you; quietly, secretly and with extraordinary cunning. They have nearly accomplished your enslavement without most of you EVEN knowing the crimes of power-manipulation which have occurred before your very beings! Is it hopeless? NEVER! God WINS in the final confrontation with EVIL, but each fragment must choose GOD'S will by understanding and following THE LAWS OF BALANCE given in order to be allowed entrance into HIS HOLY KINGDOM OF LOVE, OF TRUTH, WISDOM and LIFE! What will YOU DO to EARN entrance into GOD'S Kingdom of LIGHT? GOD/ATON waits for your decision. ATON's LOVE and PROTECTION and GUIDANCE is a breath away, precious chelas. HE awaits your sincere petition. Will YOU NOW take GOD's hand of LIFE or will you fall into the trap of "illusion", of darkness, destruction, ignorance and separation which is Evil?

We shall now briefly address hypocritical behavior practiced by you "common" folk. Are you kind and friendly with ones to their face and then because of jealousy, envy or prejudice denounce and criticize THEM in private behind their backs? This is commonly practised among you ones, mostly without your "awareness" of same. We will set you to "awareness" now. You must not judge another human fragment as less or greater than you in God's reflection; only judge their behavior which you know goes contrary to the Laws of Balance of God/Creation given forth. You honor ones when you extend your hand in honest love and friendship. But if you extend your hand giving the "impression" of love and friendship and secretly despise this human because he/she is black or brown or white or poor or rich or fat or thin, or, or, or ... then you too, are a hypocrite. We will discuss more in detail on bigotry and prejudice lastly within your "deadly" sins.

So to discover or recognize the narcissistic hypocrite, you will need not BELIEVE what he SAYS he is or does or represents, but find out WHAT HE DOES in secrecy. Remember, "By their fruits, ye shall know them".


First we will define vanity "1. The condition or character of being vain; conceit. (arrogant elf-esteem) 2. Ambitious display; ostentation. 3. The quality or state of being fruitless, useless, etc. 4. That which is vain or unsubstantial." Now we will define vain "1. Filled with or showing undue admiration for oneself, ones appearance, etc.; conceited. 2. Unproductive; fruitless. 3. Having no real basis; empty: vain hopes. 4. Ostentatious; showy. In VAIN -- to no purpose; without effect."

Vanity, then, is the preoccupation with admiring, changing or altering and displaying one's physical appearance, image or form because the vain one feels unworthy or INFERIOR WITHIN and often hides behind an ostentatious (pretentious excessive exhibition) display of self or of "superior" arrogance. Narcissism, then, is unduly (excessively, unjustly) admirimg self inside and outside in self-elevated status and separation from others because one feels SUPERIOR to others in appearance, in intelligence and in importance.

Evidence of the obsession for "appearing" beautiful physically according to self-accepted or adopted societal standards is most prominent with both male and females primarily within your Western "civilization". Many ones have become ruled by and preoccupied with their physical "appearance" which to them most often means being "acceptable" to others. WHY? Because the ANTI-CHRIST has told YOU and given precise limitations of what is "beauty". For example, within your controlled advertising you have lovely ones who "model" for products. This, to give you desire for these products by creating "images" for better acceptance value by appealing to your innate drive within, which they have corrupted and erroneously redefined as "SEX" drive, (remember "libido?") and thus cause you to WANT the product which gives the false "promise" of beauty, "sex" appeal, health, youth, wealth, status, etc., according to THEIR LIMITED STANDARDS of what YOU must desire of what is beauty, sex appeal, health, youth, wealth, status, etc., which these "models" (you are taught) represent because they "LOOK" good.

With all of the attention given from childhood on only to "physical" appearance, the spirit within shrivels and pines for allowance and acceptance and freedom. This, because the Anti-GOD, which they have now allowed within, slowly crushes and all but destroys the beauty and divineness within which is THE SPIRIT OF LIFE OF GOD/PERFECTION. Very rare it is indeed, this day in "time," that ones who have become FIRMLY trapped in the "VANITY" game of the adversary, are able to recognize their folly, and thus seek to release this "false" unworthiness and limitation brought about by the superficial preoccupation of physical "image". You must accept self regardless of physical form. If you recognize that you wear too much weight upon your frame and it is not "healthy" for you, then you must decide to change of it and then DO it. Until then, need you love yourself (God within) less because you look or don't look a certain way? NO! Commune with your SPIRIT within and find out WHY you consume more than you are able to use. Learn to understand why you do something and then you can work for positive adjustment within. Your physical health represents your "inner" health. Dis-ease of the body is the physical manifestation of what began as DIS-ease in the mind. Clean up your thoughts and your body will be healthy and vibrant as well; it is really so simple, but most of you miss it. You need not miss it anymore now, RIGHT?

We would also like to speak a bit about what is termed "cosmetic surgery" (butchery). Your own statistics show that many women feel less feminine or less attractive if they have small breasts. WHY does this happen? Because the images of BIGGER BREASTS and VOLUPTUOUS women are thrust before them beginning when they are children in nearly all of the controlled media. These young girls/women feel if they had bigger breasts that somehow they will be more acceptable to MEN and thus also be envied by WOMEN. You ones often, on the one hand, do not wish to be considered sex objects, yet you desire to fit what you are taught (programmed) is THE sexually physically attractive female figure. Don't you see, beloved ones, you allow doctors to cut upon your bodies and cause you pain and suffering, and often later complications, just to fit an acceptable (to you) physical image? Again mankind (adversary) has corrupted the purity of the woman's breasts by making them into hideous sexual objects of LUSTFUL desire. The beautiful grace of the feminine body which was created in beautiful perfection of GOD, has been cut into pieces ... breasts, vagina, mouth, neck, legs, buttocks etc. of PHYSICAL LUSTFUL DESIRE. Do you know WHY the breasts were given unto WOMAN? Not as sexual objects, but for the suckling and nurturing of her BABE, a New Creature of GOD. Remember this, women, the next time you think to make yourself bigger breasts! You dishonor GOD within by despising your GIVEN physical form, and wishing to cut it up to make it into some image of what is appealing. TO WHOM? WHY need you allow imposed images of perfection thrust down your throat? THE answer, precious ones, is YOU MUST NOT ALLOW other's opinions and images to make you feel self-unworthy. Here is a test for you, women. Upon awakening in the morning next, go to your full-length vanity mirror and look upon yourself naked. What do you see? Can you look within the vanity mirror WITHOUT your makeup and hairdo, your girdles and padded brassieres and fine garments and SEE GOD? If not, then recognize and UNDERSTAND your transgression, commune with God within, forgive self and do not look again into the mirror until you DO see and know THE LOVE AND BEAUTY OF GOD reflected back!

And the same goes for you ones who are of "male" form of human. You experience vanity somewhat differently than women, but most of you still suffer feelings of inferior when you gaze upon your nude body and face. We have seen you! God has listened to YOU! The dialogue within goes something like this: "IF ONLY I was taller, had bigger shoulders, a larger penis, hair upon my chest and/or face, had a flatter stomach, a thinner frame, more muscles, more hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, whiter teeth, tan skin, light skin, and, and ... I would be accepted." Then the dialogue goes something like this, "IF ONLY I had more money, a new car, a better job position, and, and ... I would be accepted". Do you recognize anyone here ... you of the male species? Do you see, precious ones, you set yourselves up, by believing the lie of "images", to always fail in some way or another. ACCEPT your SELF WITHIN, HONOR your physical body which has been loaned to you. For this is the wondrous, beautiful vehicle, given of THE FATHER for YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN OF GOD to experience the wonders of creative spiritual unfoldment upon 3rd dimension physical illusion!

Now, within your Western civilization, nearly every little girl and boy wants to "look" like someone else they have seen in a movie, on the "street" or in an advertisement. They are taught, through the programmed media and advertising, not to accept themselves as a beautiful individual reflection of GOD, because their physical features, they are told, do not measure up to the "ideal" presented of what is acceptable "beauty". It is no wonder that the cosmetic and related industries make billions of "dollars" off of you ones, because they (the Anti-God) create the "image" and feed the vanity which is the result of ones feeling "they" never quite "measure-up" and will thus seek to improve what is now THEIR perceptions of physical imperfection. Even many of the ones your society defines as "beautiful" while they are young are most often cast aside when they begin to show signs of "aging". And those who depend only upon their "looks" while they are young, will find themselves FRIGHTENED OF AGING and will thus become EMPTY INSIDE and BITTER because of the rejection by the very ones who "molded" and "accepted" them while they were physically "young" in appearance.

WHAT can you do, parents, to help positively guide your child toward the path of INNER BEAUTY and SPIRITUAL freedom and away from societal imposed "limitations" of acceptance? You must encourage the child first to understand his/her ONENESS WITH ALL ... GOD/ATON, other humans, the planet, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, other planets, ALL OF LIFE AND ALL OF CREATION. Teach the child about GOD and HIS LOVE for ALL of HIS fragments of self. Teach the child about the Natural Laws of Balance given forth to maintain order upon CREATION and WITHIN CREATION. Teach the child about the nature of God's gift of Free-will and the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY EACH ONE HAS to honor GOD within and to SERVE ONLY HIS WILL because He is our JUST and Wise Spiritual Creator/Ruler and KING OF WISDOM. Teach them about the ADVERSARY and HOW IT has fooled many of God's children. Teach the child that what they may perceive as separation, is only "ILLUSION" of separation and that many other ones they will meet, will not understand this TRUTH because they are spiritually ignorant and duped by the "adversary" of Godness and so then not yet spiritually aware. Teach the child to honor and be tolerant of ALL other human fragments as fragments of THE ONESELF of GOD and THE CREATION. And yet teach the child that he/she must ALSO recognize and not tolerate THE BEHAVIOR (ignorant, prejudiced opinions, misperceptions, and actions) which blatantly break THE LAWS OF BALANCE of God and Creation. So, teach the child he must defend self within honor of God's Laws if one of these ignorant/spiritually weak ones wishes to cause harm (in thought, word or deed) to him or another. Teach the child about HIS power to co-create with GOD, and why he must monitor his thoughts, words and deeds in order to recognize his transgressions so that he can create a GODLY world in service to GOD'S WILL. Then you must teach the child to always see, develop and honor the spiritual and loving BEAUTY WITHIN SELF and ALL OTHERS, - which is the BIRTHRIGHT of ALL of GOD's children. Teach the child the truth that Spiritual Oneness, Beauty, Power, Wisdom and Love WITHIN can never age or die or be taken away from anyone because THE SPIRIT is WHAT IS REAL, IT IS THE SPIRIT OF LIFE THAT EXISTS WITHIN ALL OF THE CREATION in the continual unfolding blossom of JOY and LOVE.

And so, you beloved parents of GOD, must also then LIVE in accordance with THE LAWS and WILL OF GOD which you have taught the child, to set GOD/ATON's example of balance and truth which the child will surely follow. So when you have done your duty for GOD/ATON as Parent and have given (to the best of your understanding and awareness) the child the Love and Discipline of GOD'S WILL and THE LAWS OF BALANCE and you yourself, too, have set the example by your actions and behavior, THEN you must release the child to God, that he may choose with his own free-will his experiences and learn about his personal responsibility in the manifestation of LIFE.

Is it wrong to want to look YOUR best? Not at all. You must simply and honestly understand WHAT truly motivates you. To be neat and clean in your "dress" and appearance gives honor to self and to GOD as long as you don't secretly despise and are not ashamed of your appearance and seek to alter it or hide its reflection of beauty. If you are acceptable and give honor to self as YOU ARE in physical form, whether it be male, female, black, white, tall, petite, red hair or grey hair, you will be acceptable and give honor to GOD/ATON. All others? They are individual reflections of God/Aton as well; whatever their limited "human" prejudices and opinions are matters NOT at all to you. Remember, in the "big" picture YOU are not your physical body, YOU are GOD'S fragment occupying physical manifested form of your choosing to allow experience upon this wondrous creation. ALL are beauteous creatures of GOD/ATON, each is different. Isn't that WONDERFUL?!? God, too, enjoys variety of His creatures within The Creation. Why think you there be so many types of life-forms on just your tiny planet? Do you not enjoy the varieties and uniqueness of all the creatures and creations within THIS Creation such as of each type of flower, each color of the rainbow, each season of climate, each insect, each animal and each human being?

Are we saying it is "wrong" to wear your "make-up" and have your stylish hairdos and wear upon your bodies fine and beauteous garments? Not at all. You simply must recognize WHY you do these things. If you LOVE WHO and WHAT you are WITHIN and WITHOUT in your nakedness, then enjoy playing your games of make-up and dress-up because YOU enjoy it, it is FUN, you can afford to and it gives you happiness to do so, not because you despise your body and countenance for its "perceived" imperfections"! Or because you wish to "impress" others as to the finery of your jewels and garments, that somehow you are "finer" too. For example, you ones have "designer" everything now. (Such as, cars, furniture, appliances, clothing, cosmetics). Well, some "designers" have generated more "prestige" and admiration than others. Do you know many simply copy other designs? And many of your more celebrated and prestigious designers, use the creative designs of their apprentices? Yes, and they place their own name upon the garment. A bit of "stealing", we would say. What is the point? If it is a garment, enjoy the beauty, fine quality and fit of the garment, because you enjoy the garment, not because you want the prestige and snobbery, not to mention vanity, of the designer label to be noticed by and somehow make you "better than" or socially accepted by "others". Do you see the difference we are pointing out, dear ones? You blindly run about seeking approval from any but yourselves. We simply want you to recognize your folly in the things you do and desire and correct of it FOR YOU and FOR GOD/ATON our FATHER WITHIN YOU! Free yourselves from the bondage of vanity and you will be one LARGE step closer to reaching GOD'S KINGDOM!

Are we saying it is "wrong" to return color to the grey hair upon your heads, and to otherwise cosmetically "hide" from view what you consider "signs" of aging? Not necessarily "wrong", just simply fact that you create, but are unable to accept certain changes of body deterioration and MOST ALL OF YOU ONES are horrified of aging or being OLD in your physical form. Why? Because, you've been taught again by the adversary that somehow you are less a HUMAN Being and less "attractive" when you are "old" and you will be rejected (and often are) as unable to contribute to humanity. DO YOU KNOW, DEAR CHELAS, THAT IT IS THAT VERY FEAR (planted by Satan) IN YOUR MINDS WHICH STARTS "THE CLOCK" OF AGING TICKING WITHIN YOUR VERY BEINGS? YOU ONES, BY BELIEVING YOU WILL LIVE ONLY UP TO 100 YEARS OR SO, BEGIN YOUR OWN AGING PROCESS WITHIN YOU when you are small CHILDREN. And because of the now created, by the adversary through you ones, harshness, pollution and poisons upon your plane you really have no desire within to stay longer, so your body starts its deterioration process. Why are some more vibrant and healthy than others throughout their lifetime? The ones who are vibrant and healthy are IN LOVE WITH LIFE AND HONOR THEIR SPIRIT OF LIFE WITHIN. Their bodies simply age because they, too, perceive limit of life-span from early indoctrination, only they age perhaps with more dignity and grace because of the degree of spiritual purity of JOY and LOVE which they have recognized and cultivated within themselves and have GIVEN graciously to OTHERS.

Do you know that you could create a body which would LIVE for a nearly endless number of years in your counting, IF YOU BUT KNEW IT INSIDE YOUR MIND TO BE TRUE? Our brothers of physical form upon Pleiades live more than some 1000 years in your counting in their physical form. At one time in your ancient civilizations of Atlantis and MU (Lemuria), your ancestors also lived to be over 1000 years of age in your counting. REMEMBER, YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL NEVER AGES, CHELAS. Most "physical" manifested bodies, though, eventually deteriorate, not always because of FEAR, but often because ones simply tire and become bored with having the same form, so they create deterioration of the form and move on to new realms and forms within CREATION. In the higher realms of GOD's kingdom, your form becomes high concentration of cellular light and you can change it at will since it is ONE with your SPIRIT WITHIN.

It has often been said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." So BEHOLD, through the "eyes" of GOD/ATON the beauty of ALL of the glorious, wondrous varieties of creatures and creations within THE CREATION. Only the Anti-God, or Adversary, through cancerous "prideful" Narcissism, seeks to bring of "ugliness" and define, limit and confine what is "beauteous" so as to impose upon you boundaries of SEPARATION from FATHER/MOTHER ATON and THE CREATION. The adversary cannot do this if YOU DO NOT ALLOW it to let you dishonor yourself by buying its LIE of standard "beauty".

So, in closing on Vanity we will share a form of vanity which is most interesting and somewhat humorous to us. We observe many ones who even choose their pets, in accordance to acceptable "beauty" standards set by the adversary. For example, ones often choose the breed of cat, such as Persian or Himalayan, not because they love the animal, but because they desire the "expensive" socially-defined "beauty" to match their carpet and/or their self-imposed "image" of themselves which they wish to "project" upon their "admiring" friends and associates. Ah well ... it shows just to what ends you ones will go in your desire to give the impression you are something OTHER than who you are!


First we will define prejudice (to PRE-JUDGE), "A judgment or opinion formed BEFORE the facts are known; especially an unfavorable, irrational opinion. 2. Hatred or dislike for a particular group, race, religion, etc. 3. Injury or damage to a person arising from a hasty and unfair judgement by others." Now one who is prejudiced is usually also referred to as a bigot, defined as, "An intolerant, prejudiced person."

So one who is prejudiced pronounces judgment based solely on their own OPINION which has very little or NO basis in truth or fact. For example, in your current society, when Hatonn, within the PHOENIX JOURNALS, brings up and exposes THE TRUTH about what are THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, what is the true motivation of the ONES behind ZIONISM, how the term "jew" was created and is henceforth revealed as a misnomer or incorrect "made-up" word, he and the publishers are called ANTI-SEMITIC. Well, this word anti-Semitic is also USED by the ONES who are NOT Judean, but come from the Nordic and Mongol tribes of Russia, who were then called KHAZARS who adopted Judaism as their religion, to allow shield from "identity" and thus CAUSE confusion and dissension to FURTHER their OWN anti-SEMITIC, ANTI-LIFE or ANTI-CHRIST means. The word "SEMITE", as you have learned in previous PHOENIX JOURNALS, comes from the lineage of one of the sons of the one called "Noah". His name was SEM (SHEM), whose ancestor was ADAM, the father of the white human race, who was conceived by union of the Heavenly son and guardian angel, SEMJASA and an "earth" woman. Sem (Shem) and his line wherefrom came Joseph, "earth" father to Immanuel, were seeded of HOLY GOD from HIS celestial SONS. So to call one an ANTI-Semite does not mean anti-"jew" or anti-other races; it means ANTI-GOD!

Yet, you ones, including the truly GODLY Judeans, have been programmed by "opinion-molders" created by THE EVIL ONES of satan, who now call themselves ZIONIST JEWS, to falsely believe that those who openly expose and oppose the ANTI-GOD activities of ZIONISM, THEIR AGENCIES, SUCH AS THE ADL, THE MOSSAD and the state of ISRAEL are ANTI-SEMITES and, therefore, TO BE SILENCED! Clever indeed have been the ones who wish only to DESTROY GODNESS and control your world. So you see, dear ones, if you believe the lies of the "opinion molders", you too are then PREJUDICED, and by your IGNORANCE you become a tool of EVIL and allow destruction of SELF and OTHERS who follow you willingly down the road to HELL. You've heard it said, "The road to hell is paved with 'good' intentions." Make sure your "good" intentions are GOD'S intentions backed BY TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, not by OPINIONS designed to allow YOU to HANG YOURSELF.

The evil ones are possessed by irrational pre-judgment, hatred and dislike for others which makes them intolerant or bigoted toward those who oppose THEIR self-will OPINIONS of how things are or should be. As was discussed under the first "deadly" sin of PRIDE, if the one possessed of evil first cannot seduce others into believing what is THEIR DESTRUCTIVE and manipulative false VIEW of things, they will then desire and seek to DESTROY the ones of "goodness" and "integrity" because of THEIR (the evil ones) own intolerant bigoted will.

Now we would like to give clarification unto ones struggling to understand the meaning of Hatonn's statement of Truth, "There are no victims, there are only volunteers." I, Sananda, and MANY of THE HOSTS OF GOD/ATON were present this weekend past, with our speakers, Desireé and George Green. Our beloved chela, Desireé, repeated that statement to the group attending the "seminar" introducing THE PHOENIX JOURNALS. We observed a very precious one unto us and GOD/ATON struggle with this concept. He asked two questions which we would like to bring clarification upon. But before we start, please let us give understanding of intent and purpose of these two of GOD/ATON's speakers.

Our beloved George brings the sharing of his life experiences with intent to introduce and bring understanding of THE TRUTH he recognizes within the JOURNALS. He has much experience with speaking before groups, and of being target for criticism. He is "THE SOLID ROCK" who gives strength to the others of our mission because he moves fearlessly ahead in FOCUSED DEVOTION for bringing "LIGHT" and "TRUTH" where there is ignorance, in spite of the slings and arrows thrust at him and Desireé, Dharma and Oberli and all the others of our circle. He brings you his earthly perception of understanding which he hopes you ones can relate with and FURTHER investigate for yourselves. [Editor's note: For those who know what has happened to George and Desireé - this is a good lesson of what can happen to ones who fail to ask for the Shield of God to be kept around them at all times, with the intent for service unto others.]

Desireé brings the balance of the SPIRITUAL lessons that GOD/ATON has presented within her. She stands in representation and humble service unto TRUTH that you may relate to her humanness to allow further GODLY clarity and understanding of YOUR DIVINE HERITAGE. Will they occasionally err in their projections of facts given in the JOURNALS? Of course, they too have "limited" memory and many volumes to study. We tell you this that you relate humanly with these ones and recognize that the "errors" of details are minor, as the INTEGRITY of these blessed ones is integrity of DIVINE Godness. THEY have come in humble service as GOD/ATON'S human physical messengers to introduce THE WORD and plant the seeds of awakening within you ones. IT IS THEN UP TO EACH TO READ THE JOURNALS FOR YOURSELVES, make your own discernment of Truth and thusly, make the changes within and without to change of the evil circumstances before you. DO not expect these ones OR ANY OTHERS to "spoon" feed it to you and "discern" it FOR you!

Desireé, in her humanness, at times feels "unworthy" and struggles in agony with her responsibility of HOW to best reach you. We have instructed her, as has our brother, Hatonn, that SHE need not "prepare" for presentation to you ones because GOD/ATON will give her that which she needs to share. Her "ego" resists and is afraid that she will somehow "forget" or say the "wrong" thing or "not hear" our instructions and become flustered. She still believes that because she has had no earthly "training" on public speaking that she cannot possibly be ABLE. We will set her opinion to straight, and she IS releasing her fear and "unworthiness". Please recognize HER PURE INTENT, as well as GEORGE'S, is to bring YOU THE TRUTH in balance so that you can, through Godly empowerment of knowledge and wisdom, FREE YOURSELVES from evil "adversary" bondage. In time with "practice" she is BECOMING most ABLE to share within the SPONTANEITY of GOD's WILL. And as THEY TOGETHER continue to gain balance and harmony as a TEAM, wherever GOD/ATON takes them (as well as THE JOURNALS) in HIS (Aton's) SERVICE OF INTRODUCING THE WORD, HE, too, will confront the "ANTI-GOD, ADVERSARY" until there are no more "dark" places for the ANTI-GOD to HIDE! The adversary will be EXPOSED for the PREJUDICES created of malicious lies, hatred and deception and STAND NAKED before GOD/ATON for SELF-JUDGMENT. Which "side" will YOU choose? LIFE or death? GOD or adversary?

Now, in addition, when Desireé shared the diagram of HER perception of CREATION, she told you it was HER perception of guidance given to help HER SEE and UNDERSTAND the ONENESS and UNITY of ALL. She wished only to bring you more understanding of ONENESS. Is the diagram she gave wrong? NO, it is simply LIMITED in FULLNESS of understanding by the limits of your languages and perceptions of what is an UNLIMITED state of BEING.

Now back to our precious brother whom we will call "A". You asked of these ones, "Are you saying then, that the "blacks" volunteered for slavery?" (because there are no victims, only volunteers).

Yes, precious one, because they CHOSE to play the part of "VICTIM" by being born or cast into slavery by the white ones. Is slavery wrong? OF COURSE! As you have read, it breaks the 18th Law OF GOD and CREATION. NOW in order to see and understand from the standpoint of ONENESS OF SPIRIT, you must not see yourself as of black or white or male or female but as a fragment OF GOD/ATON. ALL of you, regardless of the body you now inhabit, have played (or are playing) the part of VICTIM or VICTIMIZER throughout your life-times of experience. WHY DID YOU VOLUNTEER FOR VICTIMHOOD? OR TO BE VICTIMIZER? Because you became lost in your illusion, and many have repeated, through cause and effect of continual PREJUDICED behavior and NOT understanding or remembering YOUR GOD-POWER AND THE TRUTH OF ONENESS, the same lessons over and over again. You become victims as a result of being "false" PRIDEFUL and PREJUDICED and you volunteer as VICTIMIZERS because you are "false" PRIDEFUL and PREJUDICED. Are you not tired of this illusion of separation from source, precious chelas? We hope so! Because many of you have been and still are playing the part of victim or victimizer BY CHOICE TO REMAIN IGNORANCE OF TRUTH! So what will you have left to volunteer for? SERVICE TO what is GOD's WILL in Love, Harmony, Balance and Freedom. We offer you choice by offering you truth of your folly so that you may leave your illusion forever and come HOME to ONENESS of GOD/ATON once again!

The one who feels superior to others because he is white, black or brown, male or female, is prejudiced. The one who feels "CHOSEN" of specialness to God because he follows Christian or Judean or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist RELIGIONS is prejudiced. Do you see, precious ones, it MATTERS NOT to GOD what color be your skin, what sex be your form or what religious doctrine you follow. Those are labels of manifested illusion. WHAT IS REAL IS THE SPIRIT OF FATHER/MOTHER AND THE CREATION WHICH EXISTS IN ALL OF YOU! It matters not to God if you call yourself Muslim or Christian or Atheist, what matters is HOW YOU THINK AND HOW YOU BEHAVE toward yourself and your brethren, regardless of what THEY label themselves. DO YOU SEEK the harmony and balance of LOVE AND UNITY? Do you live your life in accordance with the natural Laws of Balance given forth? OR do you seek to feel yourself SEPARATE and SUPERIOR or INFERIOR to others, such as, by class, by color or by religion? That is PREJUDICE, friends. Do you openly disregard THE LAWS given forth as "outdated" or "false" which means you are PREJUDICED because you "don't know" or refuse to understand THE FACTS of LOGIC which is the FOUNDATION of THESE LAWS GIVEN FORTH FOR BALANCE? You see, chelas, to be an "israeli" meaning CHOSEN of GOD, is to LIVE IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOD'S WILL in light, unity, love, wisdom, truth, balance and harmony. Israel is NOT A PLACE, it is a STATE OF BEING (I AM) OF ONENESS AND BALANCE OF HOLY DIVINE GOD AND THE CREATION. The other question asked by my beloved brother, A, was along this line, "I was taught that Jesus was dark-skinned and curly haired, yet in several of the Journals, there is a picture which depicts him as fair-skinned with dark hair? WHY?" First beloved A., do not become distracted by images of appearance. I, Sananda, who you ones called "Jesus" was "born" of Judean parents of fair skin. My seed was of the lineage of Rasiel, a descendant of the Sons of Heaven. The guardian angel, Gabriel, then brought my seed and inseminated Mary. IT MATTERS NOT WHAT FORM I TOOK! Your concern from the confusion of images presented to you of my being, precious one, is that you fear you will not recognize me when I return in manifested format. FEAR NOT, BELOVED A., YOU OF MINE BROTHERS WILL KNOW ME! Not by my image, necessarily, but by MY BEING, MY ENERGY, MY ONENESS WITH MINE FATHER ATON!

Blessings be unto this precious one who asks in sincere intent that Truth be given unto him, for his questions were asked on behalf of the many and when ye ask of GOD/ATON, ye shall receive your answer in the TRUTH and WISDOM of THE ONE ALL THAT IS. I AM.

We will now close this document and this Journal that you precious chelas, our brothers and sisters, will have before you the wondrous tools of recognition of that which is LIFE OF GOD/ATON and that which is SEPARATION, DARKNESS, IGNORANCE AND DEATH OF SPPIRIT WITHIN, the Anti-Christ, Anti-God, satan, adversary. May you NOW, from this MOMENT OF ETERNITY, wisely understand and follow the Laws laid forth herein, that you may witness and participate in the UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL co-creation and freedom which is YOURS, if you but align yourself IN the BALANCE of ONENESS which is HARMONY, LOVE, POWER, WISDOM AND TRUTH ... THE WILL OF OUR FATHER GOD/ATON. So be it.

We are Sananda, Lord Michael, St. Germain and Druthea, your HOSTS sent of HOLY GOD/ATON, in HIS service and in YOUR service of LIGHT AND OF TRUTH. We come, along with our MANY cosmic brothers/angels of LIGHT, because WE ALL LOVE YOU as is THE WILL of our FATHER AND SPIRITUAL RULER, GOD/ATON, FOR WE ARE ALL BUT ONE WITHIN THE CREATION.

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